About Us

Desert Treasures

With distinctive and one-of-a-kind custom designs, SBC Inc. has earned a reputation for building Valley of the Sun desert treasures. The elegance of our homes extends from the top of roof-lines, built to compliment the grace of the surrounding Sonoroan Desert mountains, to stone-covered patios that capture the true beauty and lifestyle of the Southwest. The only rival for these spectacular dimensional exteriors is the sophistication captured in their breathtaking interiors.

A Committed Team

Taking a home from vision to reality is the strength of SBC homes; to reach the main goal it includes designers, architects, homeowners, subcontractors and the SBC team itself; from general superintendents, Roger Goodman and Eric Hairson, to founder and owner, Floyd Samons. The common element between these professionals is a desire to maintain the integrity of the structure, to offer spectacular views from every angle, to maximize light and create expansive living space, and to create magnificent homes with unmatched detailing that is appealing to all senses.